Product Outsiders

Product Outsiders

A podcast for unconventional product people

On this podcast, my talented cohosts, Amber Hansford and Tammy Bulson, and I explore what it takes to make great products from the unique perspective of people who never set out to be product managers.

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Latest Episodes

  • In this episode, the Outsiders delve into the Iron Triangle and discuss dealing with the critical project constraints of cost/resources, time and scope. Is there a silver bullet to address these age-old constraints? Is there a lever a Product Owner can pull to tackle them wisely? Listen in to find out.
  • We welcome Derek Featherstone, internationally-known speaker, author, and Chief eXperience Officer at Level Access. Derek walks the Product Outsiders through the difference between accessibility and inclusive design, how Product discovery can be used to improve your success in this realm, and how all companies can take steps to make positive progress in making products that work for everyone.
  • Does company culture really play a role in building awesome products? Do the behaviors we learned in grade school set us up for success in the business world? Alla Weinberg, CEO of Spoke & Wheel, joins the Product Outsiders this episode as they lean into these very questions and more.
  • Nanowrimo and Product Management – Two ideas that seem incongruent on the surface, are creatively tied together by the Product Outsiders as they talk about their own NaNoWriMo experiences and how lessons learned during their writing journeys can be applied to building great products.
  • A Deep dive into output vs. outcome & impact. Organizations won't be successful if they are delivering things faster, but the things being delivered aren't hitting the mark with customers and consequently growing the business. What seems like a simple concept isn't necessarily an easy one to embrace